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Off to Pantelleria

Wedding Pantelleria September. This is the time when Luna an I start our “coast to coast” tours throughout this wonderful island of Sicily. Unusual ad exclusive wedding destinations are a must for our philosophy of wedding planning. For this reason we never stop for a long period, but we continuosly tour from one part to…
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Terrasini City if Love

Terrasini "City of Love" Terrasini, this lovely town just a short distance from Palermo, has been named “City of Love” that brings lovers wanting to come visit and to get married in Sicily. If you’re looking for a really special place for your Wedding Destination, Sicily should certainly be considered for all the fascinating sites…
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Love at First Sight

Love at First Sight  Do you believe in love at first sight?  I do. I love how it’s said in Italian, “amore a prima vista” or even in the more expressive, “colpo di fulmine” which literally means, “lightning strike”.  There certainly are physical, psycological elements that determine the attraction between two people. There’s that certain…
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