Luxury Wedding on a Small Mediterranean Island of Sicily

Luxury Wedding on a Small Mediterranean Island

Can you imagine an incredible place where the sun sets upon a pink salt pan, creating a view worth an artist masterpiece? This is Isola Lunga (Long Island) Sicilian minor island just off the Marsala Sicilian coast within the Stagnone Nature Reserve Archipelago. The Isola Lunga has recently become property of the d’Ali Staiti family with the intent of creating a unique location for particular events, maintaining the island’s wild, natural beauty .  

Luna and I (My Sicily Wedding) participated to a great food and wine experience organized by Slow Food Trapani in collaboration with Giuseppe Costa patron of “Il Bavaglino” Michelin Star restaurant and Dilegami Winery.

We reached the island by boat, although during the low tide it is reachable by foot. Immediately we were fascinated by the scenario: immense extensions of salt pans, unspoiled nature and such peace and quietness. “This” we said, “could be a perfect  romantic setting for a unique luxury wedding”.

Imagine the bride arriving on a picturesque boat and the groom taking her hand and guiding her step amourously…that’s romantic and very Sicilian style.

As Alice in Wonderland we begin our daydream, fantasizing a sensational wedding: 

the ceremony would be celebrated along the salt pan border in view of the restored windmill. What a dream wedding! The guests will be enchanced by this idyllic setting, full of romance and enchantment.

When it comes to the aperitif the sun will be setting, painting the sky in stunning  tones of orange, pink, red…

While the sun disappears in the horizon, tables are set for a sublime Sicilian-style  dinner prepared by Michelin-star chef Giuseppe Costa that puts his passion as main ingredient.      

Extraordinary food, outstanding Sicilian wines create, the perfect atmosphere to delight your guests with an enjoyful evening. To add to all this…milions of stars up in the sky, for a very unique, unforgettable wedding celebration.

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