Post-Covid Vademecum, a Practical Wedding Guide

Post-Covid Vademecum

a Practical Wedding Guide

Need to postpone your wedding date? No panic, our wedding team is  here with you.

The entire world is experiencing the Covid-19 pandemia. Restrictions are changing our lives and this is something we must all cope with. However, especially in Italy there are good signals that make us well hope for a gradual upspring.

If your wedding is fixed for the following months, it may be necessary to postpone the date. Nothing is impossible, these are our suggestions on how to reorganize your wedding event. The situation undoubtedly requires professionality. Having an experienced wedding planner by your side is essential to take up the entire event, keeping everything under control. My Sicily Wedding planners can manage the developments and changes, avoiding unnecessary stress for you.                                                                                                                                        Here are the main points to consider:

Suppliers: This is the time in which earnest suppliers demonstrate flexibility and consideration in re-negotiating dates and conditions.                                                        

Wedding Date: The decision of the new date for your wedding is the most determining factor. It would be best to consider fixing the date within the year to avoid variations in the price list. We also suggest to consider other days of the week and not necessarily weekends, that would facilitate the services you require. And why not choosing to marry in Autumn?

In Sicily the weather is stupendous during the Autumn season, which offers magnificent blue skies, lively colors and enjoyable temperatures. A wedding in Winter could also be unique and very suggestive. If you already have your wedding gown for Summer weather, no need to worry because it can be easily adjusted with simple accessories, making it even more personalised.

Time Lines: Each segment of reorganizing and planning, requests time. You must consider publication procedures, invitation printing and mailing, reservations…so…       now is the time to get started.

It’s time to look ahead!  Together we can pursue your marriage desire and make your wedding dream come true! 


written by @MarialinaBommarito

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