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This season we caught up with: Twelve Tomatoes, one of India’s most sought after event design bureaus, Daniela Riedlova, an Italian boutique wedding planner and our own Hostess-in-Chief, Jackie Chiesa, to take your wedding to new heights. It’s morning in Toronto and Jackie is just back from Paris, it’s afternoon in Milan and Daniela is hopping a plane to Palermo, it’s evening in Mumbai and Lakmé Fashion Week is in high gear as Twelve Tomatoes line a catwalk in pink blooms. Don’t get us wrong; these matrimony mathematicians are serving up practical solutions to wedding quandaries even Marie Kondo would approve. Scroll down for tons of great ideas to make your big day shine.

Sicily is My Love by Dolce & Gabbana for SMEG

Daniela tested Italy twice- once for work-once for love- but it was a vacation in Sicily that hooked her for good, this Czech transplant had finally found her home. “We need a lot of elements for an Italian wedding,” Daniela Riedlova says, her multilingual drawl sweetening her sentences, “especially in Sicily!” She insists on tables set with lemons and prickly pears, indigenous to the region. She also draws inspiration from the traditional ceramics of Caltagirone found in local markets, which- by the way- is the same design language Dolce & Gabbana translated for their kitchenware collection, “Sicily Is My Love.” Her favourite wedding was a stone’s throw from Palermo where her friends Giuseppe and Lino tied the knot in an all white ceremony on the beach. We ask the Sicilian wedding planner, who speaks five languages, to utter her favourite word for love; “Amore of course,” she says in Italian without batting an eye. @mysicilywedding

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