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"We understand very well your needs and your doubts and we know how is difficult to imagine how your most beautiful day will be at a distance of thousands of miles"

Danilela Riedlova wedding planner sicily

Daniela Riedlova  

Destination Wedding Planner in Sicily

Getting married far away from your country may seem a bit difficult, this is not true.I am looking forward in making it  easier to organize this special day with you for a perfect wedding and a unique experience. After many years and much then 10 years experience working in the bank, tourism&events sector, I feel ready and willing to give you the most for every detail you may need.
The reason for which I became a Wedding Planner? The answer is easy: with my job and working with tourists, I had often received requests to organize their wedding in Sicily, the best set  for such an important occasion.
I speak fluent Italian, Czech, English,German and Russian. I can say that Sicilian dialect is already perfect after 12 years that I live here in Sicily.(in Italy for 18 years already) I love to propose the amazing beauty of Sicily, its culture, traditions,  history and their super hospitality. I'm certified many times as destination wedding planner and my prefer phrase is: Keep smiling!

Luna Cianfoni wedding planner sicily

Luna Cianfoni

 Wedding Planner and design in Sicily

I was born and raised in Rome, but found me! (Even wedding planners marry!) and for six years I've lived in Sicily where I decided to put my roots down.I don't know how to put the brakes on my creative ideas for any part of my life, starting from my first job in interior designs, to landing in the romantic world of weddings.Therefore I decided to put my capabilities to wedding planning, in which creativity and organisation are elements both inseparable and essential.Sicily has, in some sense, helped stimulate my fantasy thanks to it's natural resources, landscapes and culture. History and monuments on every corner ideal for satisfying every need, not to mention the culinary traditions and the enchanting moments that make every single day unforgettable.Enjoying the best of the land's natural resources, I always look for the tiny details that will make the difference between a simple ceremony and a ceremony of dreams, whilst always listening to the desires of my clients.

Maria Lina Bommarito wedding planner sicily

Maria Lina Bommarito

Blogger, translator and celebrant of ceremonies in Sicily

Hello everyone! Since I love Sicily and I love to write…here I am!
I was born in the States but I have been living on this beautiful island for many, many years.
I all happened when together with my family I came to Sicily for the first time, visiting relatives. It was love at first sight! I just couldn’t take my eyes off those mountains, so high and intimidating but spectacular! And when I saw the sea…no words could describe that emotion.
I must say that even now, after many years, the sight of the sea still enhances me and I can’t pass near it without stopping, taking a deep breath and saying “How beautiful! I lucky I am to live here!”.
Another passion of mine is cooking, Sicilian style and wine of course!

wedding planner sicily

Barbara Porcelli

Back office manager

Graduated in modern languages and cultures, I concluded my academic career with a thesis dedicated to the wonderful land that has been welcoming and pampering me since I was born.
An out-of-time aesthete: in love and passionate about beauty and able to grasp it even where it seems to have disappeared.
Punctuality, respect, courtesy, attention to detail, kindness, prudence, meticulousness. These are just some of the qualities I have cultivated in my wonderful garden made of family, friendship and work.