Every year a lot of foreign couples choose Sicily  as a their destination  of dream wedding. Real Reviews and comments for the team of My Sicily Wedding are here bellow, please feel free to contact us on mysicilywedding@gmail.com

Symbolic ceremony in Sicily with our wedding planners from Terrasini

It all started in September 2018 during our holidays. My Swiss wife decided that she wanted to celebrate our union in Sicily the following year and no longer in Switzerland. So since time was running out to organize such an event. We started looking for wedding planners to help us. We looked at different wedding planners, and when we got to the description of Luna and Daniela something tilted. In addition, reading the comments of people who had already experienced our situation, he made us even more reassured. From the first date Daniela has been very quick and available. We immediately had a good feeling, he understood us on the fly and recommended immediately in relation to our wishes.
From then on, we got to know Luna, and started communicating about the complete organization of the wedding. Actually, it was a very positive experience. Luna and Daniela are the top. Quick to answer, very, very available, 100% competent, with many contacts to satisfy all requests and always available to listen to our wishes and meet what the customer wants. The wedding day, when we saw everything put into practice as discussed, was even more beautiful than we had imagined. Both have a sense of organization and creativity that make them a perfect working couple. A heartfelt thanks for everything. This day will remain in our hearts and this is largely thanks to Daniela and Luna! Bravissime!

Justine & Alessandro, got married 10th August 2019

A shocking duo for an international wedding!

Andrea & Giovanni - destination wedding in Sicily

Daniela and Luna (our wedding planners in Sicily) have been a precious and indispensable help to achieve the wedding of our dreams! Before the wedding we organized a six-month backpacking trip around South East Asia and without their help it would have been impossible to organize everything. Both have always been available, full of ideas and very good at finding solutions to any problem (even how to sew the bride's dress to allow him to go wild on the dance floor!)

What works in this shocking duo is their complementarity!
Daniela is a real pro to always find the best of the best and fulfill even the most exceptional requests: try to find a bilingual Italian / Spanish parish priest for our Italian / Venezuelan wedding available in mid-August, or an exceptional group to play salsa live as if we were in the Caribbean.
Luna, on the other hand, will make day G a perfect day in every detail! From the coordination of the floral decoration, to the preparation of spectacular corners and to every detail of the room and the party! A true event designer!

Having two wedding planners  like Daniela and Luna allowed us to enjoy our wedding day without stress and without having to think about the coordination of all the events! All our guests were delighted with the decoration and congratulated us on the organization and all the choices we made thanks to the shocking duo!

Andrea&Giovanni, got married on 3rd August 2019

Our Wedding Planners at Tonnara di Scopello

Our experience at Tonnara di Scopello with our wedding planners, Daniela and Luna were incredible. From our very first video chat (before we even confirmed them to be our wedding planners), I was already drawn to their personality. Then, as we began to plan out our wedding, it was a fluid process. They understood the vision that I had for the wedding, and really made our dream day come true! Their attention to detail and design is impeccable and have a great staff that they work with. I highly recommend their service. You will be a happy bride 😉 Even after the wedding, we have maintained friends and I feel that speaks very highly on its own.

Fiorella&Matthew, Got married on 4th September 2019

From Tokyo to Terrasini, Palermo

Her wedding service is perfect would like to ask her service again when we visit Sicily!

Pre- wedding photography for our wonderful couple from Tokyo, great experience in Sicily.

Wedding Photographer Nino Lombardo



Jamie Matsui, pre-wedding shooting in Palermo 10th of July, 2019