Wedding Ceremonies

List of rites


Civil Wedding Ceremonies in Italy

An Italian authority officiates civil ceremonies and are legally accepted in your country.
A Mayor or civil registrar performs the Ceremony in Italian with an official interpreter.
The Ceremony is a blend between the articles of the Italian civil code and traditional marriage vows.
The Ceremony lasts approximately twenty minutes.
Two witnesses who must be over 18 years old, are required for the ceremony.
According to the law, civil ceremonies must take place in locations authorized by the Italian government.
Civil ceremonies can be performed outdoors but only in particular circumstances in places approved by the Italian authority.
Civil ceremonies in Italy may be adapted to your personality and values with personal vows, readings, poetry and music.


Catholic Wedding

In Sicily there are the most beautiful and ancient churches of the world. A Catholic wedding ceremony can be performed in a beautiful Church near your selected venue.
Specific Catholic requirements are to be be considered in order to have a Catholic wedding in Italy.
A permission from your Parish Bishop is necessary as well as attending Pre-Cana classes. Baptism and confirmation certificates are to be provided.
If you have been divorced and the wedding has not been officially annulled, it is not possible to marry in a Catholic church.
Paperwork is to be issued within 6 months of the proposed wedding date, but not earlier otherwise it will expire.
The Italian Curia must receive the religious paperwork at least 2 months prior the wedding.
In Italy Catholic weddings are legally binding.
Depending on the church location it may be necessary to have the civil ceremony before arriving in Italy.
Weddings of mixed religion may be allowed, only if approved by your Parish Bishop.
You may choose to have your wedding ceremony in English or in Italian with an interpreter.
It is appreciated by most priests to receive a church donation as a courtesy gesture, directly from the spouses.
When choosing your wedding dress for a Church celebration, consider a correct adequacy, for example no bare shoulders.


Protestant Wedding

In Italy the Protestant Church is represented by different denominations: Adventist, Anglican, Baptist, Reformed, Lutheran, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Evangelist, Methodist, Episcopalian and others. The wedding services reflect the differences in theology and practice. In Protestant wedding services God’s will is presented and the Lordship of Jesus is proclaimed. The guests take part of the service sharing hymns, readings and respond to the couple's exchange of vows. Protestant Churches usually are located in larger cities as Venice, Florence, Rome and Naples, however Pastors don’t mind traveling and the Protestant Wedding ceremony can be performed in most places in Italy with backgrounds of beautiful villas, castles, in private chapels or outdoors, in private, romantic gardens. In Italy Protestant wedding ceremonies can be legally binding if spouses meet all the necessary requirements. Further information may be given by our Wedding planners.


Jewish Wedding

Jewish Weddings can take place in a Synagogue or in other beautiful locations in Italy with breathtaking views, secluded gardens or sumptuous halls of Castles or Villas that can be found throughout Italy. Orthodox Synagogues in Italy are located in larger cities as Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples and Trieste which have the largest Jewish communities of great historical and artistic importance. The above mentioned are all Orthodox communities. Specific rules are as those in your own country and your Rabbi will be requested to prepare the necessary religious documents which will be given to the Italian Rabbi. Particular details and procedures will need to be discussed directly with the Italian Rabbi. It can also be possible to bring your own Rabbi to perform your Wedding celebration in Italy. In this case you will need to have your Civil Wedding celebration before, either in Italy or in your own country. For any personal problem or situation we are available to help you find the best solution. It is possible for us to arrange and serve a kosher meal or a “kosher-style” wedding menu at most locations. Your Wedding planner can give you any additional information about Orthodox or non-Orthodox Jewish Wedding. Our Italian wedding planners have a long and extensive experience in organizing luxury Jewish weddings. We are available to find the best venue for your Jewish celebration.


Symbolic Wedding

The symbolic wedding, also called Non-denominational or secular wedding ceremony may be the choice for those couples who prefer not to complete documents for a civil or religious ceremony, or are already legally married. This type of wedding is not legally binding and spouses are free to personalize the ceremony reflecting their values and beliefs. The content of a commitment wedding ceremony will vary from different couples and is always tailored to the needs of each individual couple. At your choice the marriage ceremony can be traditional as well as relaxed and unstructured. The ceremony can be performed by a pastor, an Italian officer or even a family member. Personal vows, favorite songs, poetry, religious elements or pagan rituals can be included in the ceremony. Symbolic, nondenominational ceremonies can be performed in the most beautiful settings such as a medieval courtyard, beautiful vineyards or even a romantic Italian garden.