Why to get married in Sicily


Which is the best time to marry in Sicily? You choose it…all year round!
Yes, because every time of the year has its particular charme. Why marry in Sicily? What makes it so special? Check the list!

  • Heart-Warming Hospitality…Sicilians have it in their DNA!
  • Delicious Food and Culinary Traditions, Wines, Flavours and Aromas!
  • Breathtaking Scenarios! Either Sea Views or Countryside and Mountain Panoramas!
  • Great Climate! Mild weather all year long!

Which is the best time to marry in Sicily?
Sicily, land of great legends and history, aristocratic palaces and castles with incredible ocean views. If you desire to marry in a magnificent castle, luxury palace or villa, in Sicily you can celebrate your event in your dream-come-true location. Your Sicily Wedding would be surrounded by the incredible beauty of the island and traces of the many cultures that inhabited it. Besides, during your stay you can visit unforgettable places like the nearby minor islands around Sicily, Pantelleria, Lipari and many more.
The sea is nearby wherever you go in Sicily, vineyards and olive groves cover the hills creating breath-taking sceneries. Take a deep breath and enjoy the scents of lemon and orange blossoms, and exotic flowers.
Talking about the food…it’s impossible not to enjoy the Sicilian cuisine with traditions that date back to hundreds of years ago. Sicilians are very welcoming and yearning to share all this!
A wedding reception in Sicily is based on the generous fresh seafood that every day arrives at the markets as well as the delicious fruit, tasty vegetables and homemade fresh pasta. Not to forget the wines! Wines in Sicily are outstanding, with so many grape varieties available. Sicilian sweets and pastries are legendary. Your wedding cake will be a masterpiece for the sight and heaven for your palate!
Your wedding planners My Sicily Wedding will offer you an array of options for your wedding in Sicily, to make this special day the best day of your life.
We love our job, our mission, and with great passion we will guide you through this fantastic voyage towards your wedding celebration. Our clients are always progressively updated via Skype, or phone or email.