My Sicily Wedding

Daniela Riedlova

destination Wedding Planner
Sicily Experience

... drawn by the joy of creating
personalized celebrations for couples

Born and raised in Czech Republic, before organising weddings, I worked for years in banking, and managed some big events in Prague such as the city marathon. I liked this job, but when I was in charge of organising the wedding of a close friend of mine, I realised what I really love to do:

I love getting to know the bride and groom,
getting entwined in their stories,
putting my creativity at their service.

Another great hobby of mine is travelling, because it allows me to get to know new cultures and broaden my horizons. My travels have made me want to learn different languages so that now I am fluent in English, German, Italian, Russian and Czech, and I am learning Japanese.

I followed my heart and decided to settle!
... I found enchantment in Sicily's diverse landscapes,
vibrant streets, and warm culture

This passion brought me to where I am today, because after travelling the length and breadth of Italy as a tourist, I discovered the wonderful Sicily. This island enraptured me, with its multi-hued countryside, crystal clear sea, traditional flavours, streets full of life and the warmth of its people. Totally in love, I decided to listen to my heart and stay, bringing with me my four-legged friends from whom I just can’t part. Right from the start I felt welcomed and felt I had found my place in the world, because my humble and cheerful personality is mirrored in the brightness of the Sicilians

I have surrounded myself with professionals in the events industry, and together we work every day with great harmony and joy

always remaining focused on our goal: finding the perfect solution for you and realising the wedding you desire.

I think life should be full of emotions
and this job allows me to feel many of them

with the bride and groom we establish a friendly relationship, together we laugh, cry and during the event we also dance to celebrate their day.

Would you like to share your journey to the big ‘yes’ together?

Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the experience of an exclusive wedding within a magical atmosphere that only Sicily can provide.

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