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Wedding Celebrant in Sicily

…and what if you chose a civil marriage instead of a traditional religious one?

Not a problem, of course! My Sicily Wedding planners can organise your wedding just as you want it.
Stiff formalities may condition what you really want on your special day and this is not a good start for your new life together.

Civil weddings are usually celebrated in the Municipal Hall by a Public Official that may be the mayor, a city councilman, or other authorized municipal representative. The service is brief, formal but probably too impersonal. The celebrant may most likely, have never met you before that day.

According to the Italian Civil Code and more recent laws, civil weddings may be celebrated by other authorised person, fulfilling the official obligations that validate your wedding.

My Sicily Wedding can guide you through this magnificent experience… not just a formal, bland function but a personalised, convivial moment. Our wedding celebrant will meet you and with her experience will create a tailor-made wedding speech that will enthuse you and your guests.

A Unique Ceremony for a Unique Couple

People live in their own way and even on their wedding day they deserve to celebrate in a special way.

The couple may like to remember special moments, read a poem, mention their favourite quotes… all this needs to be decided and set up.

Our wedding celebrant will coordinate the necessary formalities with what you wish to share with others during your wedding ceremony.

Your Civil Wedding Ceremony in a Beautiful Location

Civil weddings are usually celebrated within the City Hall. You may choose to do so, but you may prefer a more romantic scenario for your special day.

Different locations other than the municipal premises must have the official authorization for civil weddings to be legally recognized. My Sicily Wedding can suggest the loveliest venues, palaces and other beautiful locations to say to the beloved: ”Yes, I do.”