My Sicily Wedding

Elopement? What are we talking about? Not commonly known and difficult to translate, in Italian we can say it’s something like a “Fuga d’Amore” or “Love Escape”. It sounds romantic and certainly is…extremely romantic!

We can consider this a new way to wed with no stress and no hassle. You want to marry your beloved but you want to keep it simple and special of course? Well…why not elope? An elopement ceremony means doing what you want, with who you want and where you want!

Traditional weddings are mostly a family affair, an occasion to invite family members and friends you haven’t seen for years. Very nice, but, in some cases it may not be what you really want. Besides, a big wedding event requests months, if not years of planning, many issues to organize, not to forget the expenses. All this can cause a lot of stress and make you lose sight of the most important part of getting married.

With fewer people you can have more meaningful and intimate vows, a moment of relaxed joy of becoming a married couple.You may also choose to combine your elopement wedding in Sicily with a fantastic honeymoon, in the place you’ve always dreamed of. 

Although the budget will be much less than a traditional wedding with many invited, the event organization must be considered. A professional figure that will help you organize, is essential for a perfect “getaway”.

Sicily, the enchanting island in the Mediterranean sea, is an idyllic wedding destination and sensational setting for an elopement wedding. Either just the two of you, or even with the few friends you want to have with you on your special occasion, your wedding will be something you will never forget.Sicily, with its mild climate, turquoise-blue sea and breath-taking views, offers many awesome places for your elopement wedding event.

For your “escape wedding” you can choose among seaside venues, suggestive areas as Cefalu renowed and loved by Sicilians and tourists, Scopello with its ancient Tonnara and impressive sea stacks, Terrasini where sandy beaches alternate with gorgeous red coastlines and sensational sunsets. 

And why not Palermo? The beautiful capital of Sicily offers suggestive hidden corners, as well as magnificent, luxurious palaces and castels.

So many places to suggest for your intimate, romantic wedding and honeymoon. Do it, the way you want!

written by @marialinabommarito