My Sicily Wedding

Do you believe in love at first sight? 

I do.

I love how it’s said in Italian, “amore a prima vista” or even in the more expressive, “colpo di fulmine” which literally means, “lightning strike”. 

There certainly are physical, psycological elements that determine the attraction between two people. There’s that certain something that makes you think: I really like this guy or this girl. It is not necessarily a physical trait or what is called “beauty”. It may be in his or her expression, the way of moving, the voice…  

However, let’s get back to the point, I do believe in love at first sight.

It happened when I was just fifteen. My friend and I were out for a walk and this guy came close to us and said: “Cuscì, un si saluta?” (my cousin, don’t you say hi anymore?”). My friend was his cousin but for me he bacame “the man of my dreams”. He was always in my thoughts and my only desire was to meet him again.

We did meet and we did fall in love…and we did get married! 

That was many, many years ago but I must say that the feeling is still there. It has certainly changed, it has become stronger, intensified by years of life experience together.

What I would like to say to couples, to fiancé that are planning to marry the person they love…do trust your feelings, let yourself go, enjoy your life together. The most important advise I would like to give is, respect each other, always be near each other even emotionally and have fun!