My Sicily Wedding

How many times have we been important guests and felt a thread of embarrassment in the face of the responsibilities of “staging”? Witnesses and bridesmaids become inexorably the scapegoats of the next day.

Yes… because there are initiatives that must be taken so that best moments are not missing: the beginning of the dinner, the bride and groom’s dance (and with their parents), the speech of the witnesses, the toast of friends, the dancing entertainment, the throwing of the bouquet and the garter. These are just some of the activities that, if properly announced, can make the wedding reception without stalls of any kind (and regrets of the next day…).

Of course today many operators in the sector know perfectly well how to satisfy the many desires of the future married couple who would like not to have to give up anything, but few really know how difficult it is to coordinate certain operations during the chaotic celebrations, so in all probability the hall manager will chase the couple to let them know when it is time to sit down to serve the big meal and the DJ will break into joyful conversations between relatives to communicate when it is time to dance.

In truth, if you want to avoid yet another load of stress to the newlyweds chased by the catering “guards” and headaches of guests disturbed by inappropriate loud calls from the DJ, there would be a professional who is in charge of carrying out the multi-activity mechanism with the utmost discretion and humour. Knowing the rules of good manners well, the Master of Ceremonies, also known by the acronym MC, knows perfectly well when to attract the attention of those present by guiding them in an appropriate way to take the right steps. Just as a director knows what to do to put on the perfect show, without anything being overlooked: how many brides have forgotten to throw the bouquet because they were too involved in the celebrations on the dance floor and how many brides and grooms have overshot the delivery times for not finding the right moment to introduce themselves? And yet these are essential moments for the tradition of Sicily, naming the bride and groom and thanking their guests personally will certainly make the difference and make the whole thing irreproachable. 

This new figure, strongly consolidated abroad for some time now, moves with balanced cheerfulness to welcome the expected bride and groom, announce who should be present in the planned photos, announce that the dinner is ready to be served, and again introduce who will have to give the speech, the first dance and so on until the last greeting. He is a speaker, a presenter who, with his microphone, is able to mark the inevitable steps in a clear and relevant way, respecting the elegant context. All this because he will have checked the acoustics in the inspections before the event in order to avoid any uncertainty.

Relying on competent people becomes essential for the coordination and organisation of large wedding banquets, corporate events, conferences and similar events…and despite its modernity it should not be renounced…