My Sicily Wedding

Wedding Pantelleria

September. This is the time when Luna and I start our “coast to coast” tours throughout this wonderful island of Sicily. Unusual ad exclusive wedding destinations are a must for our philosophy of wedding planning. For this reason, we never stop for a long period, but we continuously tour from one part to the other of Sicily, searching for off-the-route corners and places.

This time we did even more…we took a long step and reached a Sicilian exotic destination: The Island of PANTELLERIA.

PANTELLERIA is a small island of volcanic origin also called the Black Pearl of the Mediterranean. Closer to the African coasts than to Sicily, it maintains its untrimmed characteristics and its fascinating wild landscape.

We reached PANTELLERIA by plane from the Palermo Airport on a beautiful September summer day. The island can also be reached by sea which takes longer but can be a leisurely and enjoyable alternative.
Landing on the island what impressed me most were the vivid colours…the bright blue sky and turquoise sea, the various shades of green and the dark volcanic rocks.

At first sight PANTELLERIA may seem unfriendly and harsh, but this is its character, it does not accept to be contrasted nor challenged, but accepted as it is. Then, it will concede its untamed attraction and you will remain fascinated.

A unique territory for its particularity of alternating different landscapes, spontaneous vegetation and “heroic farming” done by its inhabitants since centuries. The island’s dry, windy climate has brought man to adapt himself, respecting the natural environment, setting up dry volcanic stone walls to protect citrus and olive groves. These are the renowned “Giardini panteschi” (Pantelleria gardens), recognised as UNESCO World Heritage.

A true awakening of senses, the contrasting dark rocks carved by the wind, the ancient “Dammusi” dwellings with rounded white roofs, an incredible place to organise a very unusual wedding.
A choice of charming Mediterranean countryside churches is available for religious celebrations and a wide choice of alternatives is easily within reach for symbolic and civil weddings.

Venues enclosed within the scenic black stone walls surrounded by impressive landscapes, incredible sea views, stunning sunsets, enchant your guests as they enjoy a taste of the island’s luscious “Passito” wine.
Talented chefs will elaborate delightful gourmet dishes for your wedding reception. The incomparable island products as the renown capers, pestos, fresh vegetables and fish are the ingredients of the Pantelleria cuisine, enriched by the outstanding olive oil and aromatic oregano.

We can help you choose original themes and colours for the settings: exotic and sensual, amorous and romantic and many other options, so…

if you dream of a really special wedding, PANTELLERIA is for you!