My Sicily Wedding

Planning a wedding?  The basic top 5 „DO NOTS”

Don’t put it off

If you have time, don’t wait for time, which is a sacrosanct starting point to avoid being at a loss.

It is always a good idea to get on with “the job” in order to avoid unexpected surprises. There will be so many things to think about and so many others will come up unexpectedly, it is better to have left room for setbacks.

Don’t ask everyone for advice

Everyone will have their say on the matter, some may simply love the universal controversy as a topic of conversation and unintentionally ruin a productive day.

Seeking consensus from only a few trusted intimates will avoid generating unnecessary doubt.

Don’t choose witnesses superficially 

There is no worse remorse. 

If even a microscopic uncertainty knocks at the door of your conscience, it is advisable to listen to it because your instincts rarely make mistakes in this respect and if you are particularly blinded by momentary good behaviour, asking your fiancé for advice could be enlightening. 

Don’t rely totally on third parties

If you care about your wedding, it’s best not to put too much trust in suppliers who might disappoint your expectations. Trust is good, not trust is better…

Don’t give up on the Wedding Planner

At this point it is better to dedicate a few more words.

Madly in love with the whole context, you easily delude yourself that you can manage every micro aspect. Impossible. Assuming for a moment that you have enough time to plan and implement everything necessary (and I truly mean it, because if you then throw in the pot all the superfluous with its fascinating cloak that attracts lovers of beauty … GOODBYE!) it is good to know that on that day you will look at the work done, with great sacrifices, as perfect powerless.

It is unlikely that you will be able to foresee every false step because you can hardly control everything when you are at the centre of a very strong vortex of emotions, duties and pleasures. The bride and groom do not know how to split up, there is no telling how low the percentage of those who manage to eat dinner is, let alone find the time to check that the table plan has been respected. The groomsmen, however, are too immersed in the celebrations to take on the role of vigilantes and if the staff were to address the inevitable gratuitously argumentative guests with discourtesy, they would not even notice. The bridesmaids, also protagonists and very excited, feel entitled to relax and have fun (tired of having indulged every whim of the future lady friend) and therefore able to make the bride enter the church with her veil on her arm, to the happiness of her mother who would like to step on her feet. 

You have to give honour to the moment, it takes courage to face a wedding, commitment and sacrifice. This is known by those who spend all night manually making two hundred place cards. 

Not to mention the economic aspect, which, although it remains a materialistic consideration, is nevertheless part of a great burden, a real investment of money that deserves to be spent in the best possible way, since most of the time it is a savings that has been collected for a long time for the big occasion. 

Planning and co-ordination is a job of great concentration and responsibility, a combination of knowledge and skills, making a wedding a matter for professionals, taking it for granted is a mistake, as well as a real shame. To be avoided at all costs.