My Sicily Wedding

Sicily Wedding Photographer

1. Our first suggestion is find a wedding photographer in Sicily that loves to shoot the type of images you want. If you want a wedding photographer, look for photographers that have that specialty.

2. Look at websites and check out their photos. Each Photographer has different styles and you need to find one that has the style you like. Find someone whose images speak to you and make you stop in your tracks when you see their photos.

3. In Sicily you will likely find a wedding photographer who will have very low cost and other no. Don’t let price be your main factor for decide who will be your photographer. Some moments only happen once and you want to make sure it is photographed the way you want it photographed.  Wedding photographers can differ greatly in price,  just like any service. There’s always a range of quality, skills and experience.

4. Choose someone you like. You want to work with a person who you feel comfortable with and get along with. Wedding Planner will help you to tell you more about the personality of your Photographer and we think that is very important. 

5. To ensure your photographer is available, book early. Be prepared to talk about your venue, wedding style and what you envision for your photos. Set up in-person meetings with three or to five potential photographers who are available on your wedding date.

Take a look for our beautiful friend and very good professionist in wedding photography in Sicily  NINO LOMBARDO