My Sicily Wedding

5 tips to choice a wedding photographer in Sicily

Sicily Wedding Photographer 1. Our first suggestion is find a wedding photographer in Sicily that loves to shoot the type of images you want. If you want a wedding photographer, look for photographers that have that specialty. 2. Look at websites and check out their photos. Each Photographer has different styles and you need to […]

Wedding at Tonnara di Scopello

Do you want organize the perfect Sicily Wedding? Choose a Tonnara di Scopello Wedding! This is the perfect place to celebrate your wedding and delight your guests with an experience they will never forget! And what about getting married where the blue Sicilian sky meets the turquoise blue sea? My Sicily Wedding Planners suggest the […]

Wedding location close to Scopello

Baglio Strafalcello This beautiful  Sicilian wedding location, built in the early nineteenth century, stands at the center of a winery in the hills of Trapani. A few minutes from the outdoor church of Scopello. From the terrace you can admire the village of Erice and Castellammare del Golfo, feeling completions immersed in nature. In summer […]

Getting Married in Sicily

You want your wedding to be perfect, I get it. Perhaps not extravagant as the Ferraganez (Chiara Ferragni’s wedding name) but equally emotional and… perfect in your own way. I would strongly recommend hiring someone who could help you reduce stress and who knows the island very well. I know whom you could talk to […]

My Sicily Wedding…a year of making your dreams come true!

What makes Sicily a special wedding destination?It could take pages and pages of words, hundreds of photos and many stories, just tostart.We could ask Marie and Martin (DE), Nina and Robert (IT), Giuseppe&Lino (CH), Laura and Marco (GE)…or evenSvetlana and Karel(CZ), Danila&Biagio (IT), Nancy&Salvatore(USA), Kelly&Michele(UK),Sarah&Matthew (USA)… The answer would always be the same: “We fell […]

Our Destiny – Destination Wedding in Sicily

Sicily, Love at First Sight! To us, Sicily has always been an incredibly fascinating destination. A mix of cultures, heritages, landscapes and flavours. After reading books and watching movies about this stupendous island we planned a journey to experience and explore this special place ourselves. We planned our ambitious trip in every detail as there were […]