My Sicily Wedding

Sicily, Love at First Sight!

To us, Sicily has always been an incredibly fascinating destination. A mix of cultures, heritages, landscapes and flavours. After reading books and watching movies about this stupendous island we planned a journey to experience and explore this special place ourselves.

We planned our ambitious trip in every detail as there were so many places we wanted to visit during our stay. Our adventure began in September 2016, a lovely period to visit Sicily. After planning every detail, our journey from Munich to Catania began in September 2016. An ambitious 18-day road trip was attending us with a long list of must-sees throughout the entire island.

Romance at the Island of Lipari

On the 27thof September, 2016 we got engaged at this very special place. An unforgettable romantic moment with candlelight and the breath-taking view of the sea. At this point Marie understood that I had organized the whole trip for this very special purpose. A magic moment that couldn’t have been more perfect.The same night we both dreamed about getting married in Sicily.

Back Home Planning Our Wedding

Back in Germany we shared our idea of a wedding in Sicily with family members and friends. We remembered when we met Daniela in Palermo and her telling us about her dream and we thought it was a sign of destiny. We contacted Daniela and asked her to assist us to make our dream come true.

Arranging the Great Event

Since then many months had passed. In all that time we constantly thought about the lovely town of Cinisi (in the province of Palermo )we had visited.

Our desire was to celebrate our wedding ceremony at the beautiful ancient church of Cinisi set in the town square, behind which the stupendous mountains reached the sky.

During that time we went to Sicily twice to plan and organise our wedding with “My Sicily Wedding” Daniela and Luna. They were always by our side to guide us through this romantic, although complex journey.

With their support we were certain to have taken the right choice of coming to Sicily for our wedding. Every minute of our stay was a wonderful experience, the unique hospitality. A wedding is a very special once-in-a-lifetime event. Why not make it even more special by doing something unique in an extraordinary place. Diving into another culture so different than ours.

Sicily Captured our Hearts

Maybe this is how Sicily captured our hearts. We are sure we want to return. Who knows, maybe we will retire in Sicily some time in the future. With a little house by the sea surrounded by olive and lemon trees. A glass of fine Sicilian wine in our hands and enjoy life without too many worries.

Our wedding location number one was Sea club in Terrasini in the province of Palermo.  

With (and in) love Marie & Martin thank you for photo credit @salvatorealongi