My Sicily Wedding

You want your wedding to be perfect, I get it. Perhaps not extravagant as the Ferraganez (Chiara Ferragni’s wedding name) but equally emotional and… perfect in your own way. I would strongly recommend hiring someone who could help you reduce stress and who knows the island very well. I know whom you could talk to ? My Sicily Wedding is a wedding planning agency with years of experience and a great passion. What I like about their brand is that they would say ‘It is always the right time to get married in Sicily’.

‘-What makes Sicily a special wedding destination?
-It could take pages and pages of words, hundreds of photos and many stories, just to

My Sicily Wedding belongs to Daniela and Luna but they benefit from a large team of wedding experts. They specialise in weddings but they are also easy to crack on with events, such as bachelorette party, a rehearsal dinner, a chic anniversary, birthday party or even just a small meeting. My Sicily Wedding has already worked at some luxury weddings, wedding ceremonies on the beach and rural weddings in Sicily. They are known for their hard work – they would be the fairy godmother behind the scenes organizing every aspect of an event, from seating to the first toast. They treat every newlywed with a different approach and always try to understand and analyse the couple’s needs. My Sicily Weddings would take care of everything – from the paper work (ugh…) to finding the perfect place to tie the knot. They know Sicily very well, so they would also help you choose the right menu. What is the most important? They speak different languages!

Ask for the prices and packages, drop us an e-mail at Daniela, Luna or someone from our team will surely answer every request.

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