My Sicily Wedding

What makes Sicily a special wedding destination?
It could take pages and pages of words, hundreds of photos and many stories, just to
We could ask Marie and Martin (DE), Nina and Robert (IT), Giuseppe&Lino (CH), Laura and Marco (GE)…or even
Svetlana and Karel(CZ), Danila&Biagio (IT), Nancy&Salvatore(USA), Kelly&Michele(UK),Sarah&Matthew (USA)… The answer would always be the same: “We fell in love with
the stupendous island of Sicily and marrying here would have been our “dream-
This is what inspired us in becoming wedding planners and this is what we’ve been
doing…to make it happen!
A year of wonderful weddings and happy couples has been our fulfillment and
greatest satisfaction. We have done our best and with no doubt received the biggest
recompense we could desire: unforgettable wedding celebrations in incredibly
stunning locations.
We’ve been contacted from many places around the world like Germany, Britain,
Switzerland and even the U.S.. After their first approach these couples have become
our friends. It is important for us to know our clients well and interpret their desires
and guide them towards the day of their dreams.
The wedding ceremonies have taken place in the most beautiful venues, castels and
coastal sites in Sicily as Scopello, Cefalù, Terrasini, Bagheria, San Nicola l’Arena
and Castellammare del Golfo. Every event has been unique, special, because each
wedding arrangement has been thought-of and inspired by the couple itself.
This is the difference, we make the difference…My Sicily Wedding.