My Sicily Wedding

Civil Wedding Celebrant in Sicily

Wedding Celebrant in Sicily …and what if you chose a civil marriage instead of a traditional religious one? Not a problem, of course! My Sicily Wedding planners can organise your wedding just as you want it.Stiff formalities may condition what you really want on your special day and this is not a good start for […]

Planning a wedding in Sicily

Planning a wedding in Sicily Wedding coordinator in Sicily Planning a wedding in Sicily are finely managed by our team of experienced professionals. Every single detail of your wedding or event is meticulously taken care of, from the beginning to the wedding day. A beautiful ambience becomes outstanding with a unique decorative setting composed by our […]

My Sicily Wedding…a year of making your dreams come true!

What makes Sicily a special wedding destination?It could take pages and pages of words, hundreds of photos and many stories, just tostart.We could ask Marie and Martin (DE), Nina and Robert (IT), Giuseppe&Lino (CH), Laura and Marco (GE)…or evenSvetlana and Karel(CZ), Danila&Biagio (IT), Nancy&Salvatore(USA), Kelly&Michele(UK),Sarah&Matthew (USA)… The answer would always be the same: “We fell […]

Sunday Wedding Brunch

Sunday, March 26, 2017 from 12:00 until 19:00. A day will be dedicated to beach weddings in Sicily. Beach weddings in Sicily We are the Team of wedding planners in Sicily and events coordinators, that can help you with whole organisation of your Wedding day. Our Team will give you a chance to view the […]